5.3   Ranges

  • In MacSlope, a Range is a defined distance through which circular slip surfaces must pass. It is a method of restricting the search to a particular area of interest, and can be used to target the critical factor of safety passing through a particular region of the slope geometry.
  • Select Define Range under the Analysis tab of the tool palette, and draw using the mouse inside the drawing bounds over the distance you wish to create the range.
  • MacSlope draws the extents of the range in green.
  • You will be presented with two blue markers representing the boundaries of the range.
  • Click a marker to edit the range boundary with text input.
  • Drag a marker to graphically move the range boundary. It will snap according to the snap preferences.

  • There are a maximum of 2 ranges per drawing.

Using the Select/Pan Tool to delete a range

  • Select the Select/Pan Tool in the Drawing tab of the tool palette, and click once on a range in the drawing to select it. The range will be highlighted to indicate it is selected. Now right click and a menu will be presented with the option to delete the range.