7.0   Display Settings

  • There are a number of items that are optional for display, depending on personal preference.
  • Select in the tool palette to edit the display settings, or select Display Preferences from the Drawing Menu.

Drawing Display Settings

  • Show Distance/Elevation Titles - toggles display of the distance and elevation titles on the sides and bottom of the drawing.
  • Show Piezo/Specified Surface ID's - toggles display of unique identifer numbers above each line on piezometric surfaces and specified surfaces.
  • Show Point ID's - toggles display of the unique point ID # for each geometry point.
  • Show Tension Cracks - toggles display of tension crack zones.
  • Show Ranges - toggles display of ranges.
  • Show Labels - toggles display of user-created labels.
  • Show Measurements - toggles display of user-created measurements.

Analysis Display Settings

  • Show Animation - If enabled, the display of the trial slip surfaces is animated during calculation. Note that calculations will proceed faster (3x the speed or more) without animation. Control the speed of animation display by sliding the Animation Speed control.
  • Show FOS Heat Map - If enabled, displays a colored "heat map" legend and circle at each slip center attempted.
  • Heat Map Interval - The interval between the FOS color groups. The default is set to 0.2.
  • Show Trials - Edit how many trial slip surfaces are displayed. The default is set to Slip Center Min FOS Trials.
    Selected Trial Only - Only the minimum FOS slip surface for the currently selected slip center is displayed.
    Slip Center Min FOS Trials - The minimum FOS slip surface foreach slip center attempted is displayed.
    % of All Trials - A percentage of the total number of trials analyzed, sorted from lowest to highest FOS. The maximum FOS currently displayed is indicated. Note that only the minimum factor of safety trial at each attempted slip center is saved with the drawing, therefore if reloading a saved drawing not all calculated trials will be shown unless the analysis is run again.